ota2GO – Live in the Google Play Store

Following on our successful private testing phase, we’re pleased to announce that ota2GO, enabling downloading of videos from your Tablo OTA DVR, is live and available in the Google Play Store!

The app is 100% free to try all features, with downloads limited to 20 minutes, and it’s an easy in-app-upgrade once you determine it’s for you.

Thanks & Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “ota2GO – Live in the Google Play Store

  1. Hi I would like be able to download the full HD video quality of the TabloTV files, it seems like the default downloads the files in only 720p resolution.
    The advanced download tab will reduce the video quality, plus it takes a while to convert the files over. I tried 1080 resolution on a few files but they still came up 720p. TabloTV shows the source channel broadcasts as 1080i but everything I tied hasn’t produced 1080i output. Channel 29.1 CIII is a station that broadcasts in 1080i


    • Hi, Gary – The app is designed to not try to upconvert any recordings (as they wouldn’t get any better looking), so I’m wondering what resolution your Tablo is set to record at. In the Tablo settings there’s a selection for it under General… Recording Quality. I personally keep mine at 720p to save on disk space a bit, and with my old eyes it looks great anyway 🙂 I did test it of course using 1080. What is your recording quality set to, and what model of Tablo/Firmware do you have? I can try the same test to see if there might be an issue.


    • Hi, Calvin –

      Thanks for your note! Yes, adding a casting framework is on the short list. I just did a revamp of some of the interface and added support (via the internal viewer) to skip commercials, so I’ll let that settle in a little bit and then on to the next thing! Casting will be one of the possibilities I explore.

      – Steve

  2. In “settings” can I select and change the folder for downloaded videos, i.e., use a folder I create NOT in the Ancroid folder?

    • Hello — thanks for using the app and asking! In settings it isn’t open to put in just any folder – you can only select the storage device (internal or external storage). This is to keep it simple for the majority of folks, and it also ensures that the videos are stored with the app. When the app is deleted, the videos are too, and non-sophisticated users don’t lose their storage 🙂 Hope that makes sense!

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